Thursday, October 26, 2006

Firefly – First “Gadget of the month”

This is the launch of a new section to this blog: the Gadget of the month. In the last week of every month I will do a post on cool tools, gadgets and related things.
The very first one to feature here, is the Firefly. Its made by a company called Guyot Designs and was invented by Eric Goldfarb. This gadget turns any wide-mouthed bottle into a lantern. So whether you go camping or during a power-outage or a braai, this will be of great help. And did I mention it’s cool? It’s essentially a lid with LED light that generates a warm glow throughout the bottle and the level of brightness can be varied. It can be used any side up as the electronics are sealed inside the lid, so you can hang it out on a tree branch and leave it there even when the rain starts. It might not be there the next morning because you neighbour swiped it! And because its LED, it does not use much power either.
Its got seven LED’s and runs on three AAA batteries that will last for about 25 hours. All you do is fill your bottle with water, and you’ll be amazed at the brightness. Its definitely on my shopping list for Christmas!
If you have any suggestions for “Gadget of the Month”, please feel free to comment here.


Cj. said...

Hey Steeljaw,

This is a cool product. My family and I do a lot of camping and this would be the nuts. I am definately getting one of these. This new gadget section that you have added is a great idea.


J. Shore said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, remember to keep checking for updates!

-Jason Shore

infostall said...

So next enhancement of LANTERN.....a nice product man.


SimplyTim said...

Interesting idea. I wonder if the designer could come up with a small solar powered chip (if there is such a thing) so the batteries could be replaced.